Lateral Support

Soil Nail, Post Stressed Anchors and Shotcrete Systems

Temporary and permanent soultions for vertical excavations up to 10m deep, most common in basements for new commercial developments. Smooth finish can be applied to enable the shotcrete wall to be the final interior wall for the basement.

Contiguous Piled Wall

CFA or Auger piles are utilised to increase the supported depth of walls, up to 20m. Shotcrete is added between the piles and post stressed anchors are installed to support the piles.

Secant Pile Wall

Interlocking piles are installed to provide a watertight permanent lateral support solution which eliminates the need for shotcrete. Due to the accuracies in pile installation required, SICAP piles are most commonly used.

Sheet Piles

Driven Sheet Piles provide a quick and watertight temporary or permanent lateral support solution in soft geotechnical conditions.

Rock Bolts and Rock fall protection

Most common in mining and road infrastructure, this system involves shoring up an excavated rock face against localised failure, to ensure the safety of those working at the bottom of the supported face.