Aveng in the News

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06 February 2013MEDIARoger Jardine Statement to Media
11 September 2012MEDIASAISC - Steel Awards - winners
05 September 2012MEDIASA, Africa construction Aveng's achilles heel
04 September 2012MEDIAAnnual Results Announcement
04 September 2012MEDIAAveng Results Webcast
10 July 2012MEDIAThe Aveng Group Boosts and Supports Small and Medium Enterprise
10 July 2012MEDIASpeech to Black Suppliers Summit
14 March 2012MEDIAInterim Results December 2011
21 February 2012MEDIAAveng Water print ad receives ORCHIDS Award
30 November 2011MEDIAProminent Physicist Rob Adam joins the Aveng Group
17 October 2011MEDIAProject Milestone: Adelaide Desalination Plant achieves continuous 24 hour operation of the 50GL plant, South Australia
23 June 2011MEDIAFinancial Mail : Top Companies survey
04 February 2011MEDIAAveng CEO advocates quick, transparent resolution to bid-rigging...
04 February 2011MEDIAProbe into bid rigging by building firms with Aveng CEO...
13 September 2010MEDIAInternational Recognition for Soccer City
13 September 2010MEDIASA has a new construction leader
09 September 2010MEDIAGroup upbeat on future despite drop in earnings
09 September 2010MEDIAAveng to help tackle mine water threat
09 September 2010MEDIAAveng punts solution to acid mine drainage
09 September 2010MEDIASlowdown hammers building jobs
09 September 2010MEDIAAveng wil aandele terugkoop, bele en oornames doen
09 September 2010MEDIAAveng hit by downturn
09 September 2010MEDIAConstruction Ahead
08 September 2010MEDIAClassic Business with John Fraser & Roger Jardine, CEO: Aveng
08 September 2010MEDIAWorld @ Six
08 September 2010MEDIAReutersInsider TV
08 September 2010MEDIAAveng expects 2011 to be difficult, but has 'healthy' R31bn backlog
08 September 2010MEDIAAveng's new renewables unit may participate in project funding
08 September 2010MEDIAAveng Full-Year Numbers with CEO Roger Jardine
15 February 2010MEDIAAveng offers proven solutions to impending water crisis
23 October 2009MEDIABillions in new work
23 October 2009MEDIAAveng order book rises to R31,3bn
22 October 2009MEDIAFNB Stadium 'the best stadium'
21 October 2009MEDIAAveng completes 2010 FNB Stadium stadium
21 October 2009MEDIAFNB Stadium highlights African design and ingenuity
29 September 2009MEDIAFinweek Technical Analysis: AVENG - POTENTIAL BREAKOUT
10 September 2009MEDIAAveng posts a 13% slide in profit