Mining Sector

Two Rivers

Client: ARM/Implats
Year: 2005 – current
Location: Lydenburg

Description: Continuation of establishment of greenfield mine. Capital infrastructure of two decline shafts. Mechanised room and pillar stoping.

Konkola Deep Mining Project, Zambia

Year: June 2006 - current
Client: Konkola Copper Mines Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vedanta Resources (India)
Location: Zambia

The project entails the mining construction of the following facilities:

1. Sinking of a 1,505m deep, 9.4m x 7.0m wide “elliptical” shaft at No. 4 Shaft. The shaft will be equipped as follows:

• two x 37 ton and two x 26 ton capacity rock skips for ore and waste hoisting;
• a double deck man/service cage;